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The New York Times on Sunday published a new article criticizing the policies adopted by the US government against Cuba. This time it was the turn of the program that gives refuge to Cuban doctors escaped from missions in foreign countries.

The robbery of professionals is one of the aspects most worked for the US government to destabilize the regime of the island, to the Editorial Board of the journal in the case of doctor "invite to defect during missions abroad is excessive."

The Cuban health professionals who provide services abroad have oversight by the government of the island, though many of them have managed to avoid it and get to the US Embassy in the country where they are working. Since the program began in 2006, the number of escaped physicians has increased considerably.

During the recently ended fiscal year 1,278 Cuban health professionals have received shelter through the program; in 2013 were 995, in 2012 about 681 and in 2011 around 384. In 2009 and 2010 the number exceeded 510.

"There are many reprehensible aspects of failed US policies regarding Cuba and the embargo imposed on the island for decades. But the program that encourages the migration of medical personnel during official overseas assignments is particularly difficult to justify" said the editorial board of the newspaper, that the last six weekends dedicated to castigate, in English and Spanish, Washington's policies toward Havana.

"It is incongruous that America values the contributions of Cuban doctors sent by the Government to assist in global crises, like the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, while the State seeks to destabilize facilitating defections," said the newspaper.

"While this inconsistent policy remains, establish a healthy relationship between the two countries will continue to be difficult," said The New York Times.

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