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"Boccaccerías habaneras" was the opening film of the 27th Latin American Film Festival in Huelva Prison, as part of the Key of Liberty section where prisoners awarded a prize.

As usual, the film's director, Arturo Sotto, witnessed the exhibition of his work, answered questions from the inmates and received the "Pajarita de Fieltro" with which inmates distinguished visitors to the Latin American Festival.

The film, a comedy based in three stories inspired in The Decameron, by Italian writer Giovanni Boccaccio was presented last Saturday in the official section of the festival.

The 40 Latin American Film Festival of Huelva, during which 200 exhibits of 125 tapes from November 15 to 24 will be made, was opened by the Venezuelan film Libertador by Alberto Arvelo.

The event will present films that have been selected in their respective countries for the Oscars Awards, including Conducta (Cuba) byErnesto Daranas, Cantinflas (Mexico) by Sebastian del Amo and Hoje eu quero voltar sozinho (Brazil) by Daniel Ribeiro movies .

The official selection includes 14 films competing for the Golden Colon, 17 short films, seven documentaries, eight films in a session dedicated to cinema and music, and six infant and juvenile court that is expected to attract 15,000 children to the movies.

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