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  • Submitted by: Camila
  • 11 / 12 / 2014

The Attorney General's Office (FGR) has announced that it will set up a hotline to provide care to the population, and can access it from anywhere in the country marking the 0802-12345.

Raquel Rodríguez Fraga, prosecutor acting head of the Department of Protection of Citizens' Rights said calls will be redirected to the provincial prosecutor to which the caller belongs, according to their municipality of residence.

The number will work Monday through Thursday during business hours (8:00 am to 5:30 pm) and Friday until 4:30 pm, she said. Questions will be answered by the prosecutor of the Department of Care of the Population of the province, and the Command Post of FGR in the case of non-working days and hours.

Although the official notice published in the newspaper Granma does not specify what type of queries will be answered by the Attorney Rodríguez Fraga ensures personalized attention will be given to all persons using the line.

Moreover Leidy Sanchez Bernal, communications manager of FGR, said that in 2015 the company will introduce a new web portal "with several spaces for public interaction with its officials" with the aim of improving the legal education of citizens.

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