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Investment proposals for the Special Development Zone Mariel (ZEDM) have not missed during FIHAV 2014, since thirty countries have shown interest in participating in the first investment projects that will begin later this year or early next.

Ana Teresa Igarza Martinez, general director of the Bureau of ZEDM reported that Spain, Italy, China, Russia, France, Vietnam, Brazil, Mexico, the Netherlands and Canada are among the most represented. The projects are aimed at food industry, light industry, construction and renewable energy, he said.

Of the 246 projects proposed by the Cuban government to foreign investors there are 25 that are located in Mariel. Prioritize the iron and steel, chemical and electronics industries, biotechnology and medicine production.

Igarza Martinez said there are companies based in Cuba that are evaluating putting headquartered in Mariel. Entities move to the ZEDM should grow from the point of view of its exports and inserted into import substitution, using clean technologies, renewable energies and best practices.

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