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Singer-songwriter Jon Erick said he has always had the purpose of bringing to the present epoch-titles, which is why his album My roots, first recorded in Cuba, combines anthology songs of popular Cuban music and his own creations.

He said that the Creole musical heritage has real gems, such “Alejate” from the Mexican Roberto Cantoral in the voice of Gina Leon, he plays with his style and accent these days, jazz influences, based bolero and color traditional Cuban music.

The album features a selection of songs he had composed a long time ago and thinks it is now appropriate to present, along with other recent created during his six-month stay in Finland.

Jon said that the album is titled My roots because he wants it to be like his own person, as the blood that runs through the veins and the deep and intense love for his land and his culture.

That recording due out in December, under the seal of the Company Recordings and Musical Editions (EGREM) or Bismusic and he has high hopes when he presents it in CUBADISCO International Festival.

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