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Bacardi President Joaquin Bacardi, said the company intends to return to Cuba if the embargo is lifted. The entrepreneur believes that the Cuban government would be willing to return the company premises, confiscated in the early sixties.

"We hope that the facilities are returned to us," he said. "We have all the documentation to prove that the property is ours."

"Because the property has been abandoned for many years -despite being used to produce other rum- know that the operating conditions are very poor;. Not kept very well, therefore, will require a significant investment capital" said Joaquin Bacardi.

The businessman, who is the fifth generation of the family that founded the famous beverage company, said however that it is unlikely that the company will produce its entire range of products in Cuba.

But he said "I’m sure when the embargo is lifted, Bacardi will have presence in Cuba again someday. There is no doubt about that".

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