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Adolfo Llauradó Room Theatre will present the play “Sex sense” by the popular actor Joel Angelino, who makes six sketches of a compilation based on the text “Have sex in peace”, in which many characters talk about their emotional and sexual problems.

The piece begins with a puppeteer who tells how Adam and Eve discovered sex, followed an old woman, who speaks of the ignorance in which she was raised, while a male speaker shows the parts of the sexual organs and talks about his impotence and difficult to accept it. 

In the book he also gives voice to a girl from a good family and a clown, in a succession of refined theatrical technique and ingeniously funny describing situations that lead the viewer to free laughter. 

Since more than 20 years ago Angelino lies in Tenerife, Canary Islands, where he runs a company and its popularity has grown in recent years for his role in the series “El inquilino”, with Pilar Bardemy.

He has participated in other successful television shows as Paradise, One Step Forward, Police, Commissioner, Aida and Ana and seven.

He also starred in the film Fresa y Chocolate, Moscow Gold, I love baby, Sagittarius, Buñuel and the table of Solomon and mystery Galindez, among others.

International recognition came for his performances in the film by Tomas Gutierrez Alea and its namesake monologue, based on the story The Wolf, The Forest and the New Man, by Senel Paz that has been widely welcomed in European and Latin American countries.

Source: ACN

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