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  • Submitted by: Camila
  • 10 / 21 / 2014

One of the saddest events in the history of Cuba was called Operation Peter Pan, where more than 14,000 Cuban children traveled alone between 1960 and 1962 to the United States. Based on this passage is the new documentary by filmmaker Marina Ochoa.

Marina, who years earlier had already made a documentary on this, said that her new work Never Ever Nerverland of one hundred minutes will be project on Tuesday October 21 at 8pm at the movies 23 and 12 in Havana, as part of the Day of National Culture. Two days after its release will begin in the main showrooms in the country.

Never Ever Nerverland is based on the testimonies of several interviewees involved in the facts that address their complex circumstances. The documentary exposes the island Jamaica as another destination to which children arrived, besides the United States.

"My interest was to tell the real story, not just the consequences of the event as I did in my previous foray about this subject, but its origins, because there is much misinformation and ignorance about this unfortunate event. Many are confused and very few understand what really happened. My research lasted nine months and was very difficult issue. I had many statements that I contacted everyone who had information to contribute," said the filmmaker.

The material returns to Operation Peter Pan and analyzes the phenomenon from its context, who staged it and why other countries were involved. Reveals its secrets and involves Venezuela, where it tried to replay the tragic experience.

At this time the director is preparing a TV series which continues in some way to the documentary. "It will have a maximum of six chapters and a more journalistic style. It will address issues up until now unpublished, for example, the ramp that existed in Spain," she said.

"I have been closely related to this issue because I experienced firsthand, in my family, in my house. Frank, my younger brother, was one of those children who immigrated to the United States and never saw him again. To him I dedicate this film, and also to all those children who were also separated from their parents and family. "

Source: OnCuba

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