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From November 5 to 7, Casa de las Americas will held in Havana Author Week, which this year will be dedicated to the writer Fina Garcia Marruz, sole survivor of the Origins group that revolutionized and modernized the literature of the island from the forties.

Fina García Marruz (Havana, 1923) was part of the Origins group with her husband, the late writer Cintio Vitier, and other intellectuals like José Lezama Lima, Eliseo Diego and Gastón Baquero.

During the Author Week, García Marruz will deliver a lecture and will be develop panels formed by specialists from the island and abroad who will analyze different areas of artistic production, according to the official press reported.

It will also be presented the book Creditos de Charlot, by the poet, essayist and Cuban literary criticism, published by the Publishing House of the Americas Fund.

Winner of the National Literature Award in 1990 in recognition of all her work, Garcia Marruz received the VIII International Poetry Prize City of Granada Federico Garcia Lorca (2012), Reina Sofia Latin American Poetry Award (2011) and American Award Poetry Pablo Neruda (2007).

The writer also five times winner of the Prize of the Literary Criticism and decorated with orders and Alejo Carpentier and José Martí, is the author of a vast work translated into several languages, which include Poems (1942) titles, Lost cities (1951), Visitation (1970), selected Poems (1984), Journey to Nicaragua (1987) and Havana center (1997).

Source: Diario de Cuba

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