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In the Bay of Matanzas will be installed a modern equipment called Bass to ensure greater security in operations with supertanker up to 150 thousand tons. The device has an electronic whiteboard and reveals the approach speed of the ship to the dock.

The equipment measures other indicator like wind and ocean speed and wave height, so it facilitates accurate driveability and practical work.

It also record the degree of acceleration of the tugs and maintains cable tension discharge moorings ashore to avoid unnecessary travel.

Complementing the new team, the port authorities proceeded to replace the ends of loading and unloading because the previous had a quarter century of exploitation.

Thirty safety hooks were also repaired, which are now in a position to optimize and strengthen their value in use. The work is the responsibility of the Distributor Company of Matanzas, a company that distributes fuel to power plants, airports and other entities.

Source: Prensa Latina

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