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Aragon Orchestra will celebrate the 75th anniversary of its founding on Saturday October 25th with an unique concert at the Lázaro Peña Theater of Havana. For the occasion they have chosen a repertoire of excellence that remembers and relives the Cuban musical memory.

The concert will be invited to the cast of the radio show Alegrias de Sobremesa, as well as the singer Paulo FG. A children company will also participate in the show.

Rafael Lay, director of the group, said that this will be a show where won’t miss the danzon, son, guaracha and cha cha cha, to make dance fans of all generations. They will also pay tribute to two violinists who take more than 50 years working in the Aragon.

This recital becomes culmination of several concerts that the group has done in the neighborhoods of Havana in order to approach young people who don’t know the music of the orchestra.
Ven Morena, Noche de Farra, Nosotros, and other songs of the legendary Cuban songbook will be play in an overflowing recital of identity and tradition.

Source: ACN

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