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Last Sunday ended in Havana Leo Brouwer Festival of Chamber Music, an event that allows connection to edges Cuban rhythmic sound and essence of much of the world. The final concert took place at the Karl Marx Theater.

"Concert of the ancestors for piano and orchestra" composed by Leo Brouwer himself and performed by Chucho Valdés, led the emotional closure for the event. The concert included a long list of times that highlight the African influence on Cuban culture.

The symphony that was responsible for giving life to scores consisted in instrumentalists from Chamber Orchestra of Havana and other soloists, also joined the Afro-Cuban Messengers, who accompanying in recent years to Chucho Valdés.

"I want to thank the maestro Leo Brouwer for inviting me, for been kind enough to write this piece for me. We were practically teenagers when we met and he was my teacher at the Musical Theatre of Havana. He taught me how to compose, orchestrate and harmony ...He taught me life. For me it is one of the greatest musicians who ever lived” said Chucho excited just after concluding his performance and hugged his said mentor while the audience at the Karl Marx was completely standing.

Source: OnCuba

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