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The performer of the traditional Japanese drum (wadaiko) Eitetsu Hayashi, will be presented on October 15 in the capital's Mella Theater, with free admission for the public. This instrument is considered the most recognized of its kind in the world and valued cultural treasure of your country.

Hayashi will offer a concert entitled Rhythm of nature, with his group Fu Un, and will repeat the function on the 17th at the Miramar Theatre, also in the capital. This composer was appointed Cultural Envoy of Japan to show the style he created that combines the appeal of authentic traditional drums with its original and contemporary way to touch them.

Hayashi was born in a temple in Hiroshima Prefecture in 1952, in his childhood he was inspired by the music of The Beatles and in 1970 he joined the quirky Sado-Ondekoza group. There he formed his unusual taiko style and in 1975 was invited to perform the play Mono-Prism, from Maki Ishii, with the Boston Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Ozawa Seiji, who opened him the horizon to work with groups such as the Symphony Orchestra NHK and Takashi Asahina and Osaka Philharmonic.

In 1982 he gave his first solo concert and has since collaborated with artists and groups from all spectrums of music, rock, jazz, modern and folk. With these experiences created a new method solo that requires technical and physical force, previously unknown in implementing the Japanese drum.

In 1984 he debuted with the orchestral work Symphonic Metamorphosis Part. 3, from Suko Mizuno, and was the first performer and Japanese drum solo act at Carnegie Hall, New York.

Fu Un group was created by Hayashi with the best young performers drum Japanese assets in the country and integrate Shuichiro Ueda, Mikita Hase, Tasuku Makoto Tashiro and Tsuji.

Source: ACN

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