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It's official; music recording studios Abdala become led by the Ministry of Culture. The musician Silvio Rodriguez, creator of Abdala, said so disputes and administrative difficulties that hampered the work in the studios would end.

"Thanks to those who truly love the culture. Now, to work," Rodriguez said in the last entry to his blog Segunda Cita, where he also reported last August that the project was agonizing over the failure of officials, blaming directly to the ministry.

"I believed and believe that, in sustainable socialism we must do, culture and media resources deserve to be treated as spiritual benefit, which does not mean culture should have a blank check," said the singer, the text released this week.

"I live convinced that through excellence, once you have, should be preserved, at least thinking about future recovery. For a Studio as Abdala, we are responsible for there as a factor in a possible music industry" he added.

After 8 months of paperwork and red tape has finally finalized the transfer. Any delay by sheer bureaucracy did lose contracts to the studio that even were closed for not having electricity, which had been cut off for nonpayment.

Source: Diario de Cuba

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