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From Thursday October 9 until 19, the British Culture Week will be held once again in Havana, will be ten days where the diversity and richness of English culture is displayed. The event is organized by the British Embassy.

Rhys Patrick, event organizer and head of the Political Section and Communications, said the main goal is to share and show the depth and diversity of British culture, modern culture, not only of past centuries.

"We tried to get as much as possible each year, so this time is not really a week, but ten days, because we could not enter the entire program, all events, in just seven days. There will be music, theater, dance, history, science, literature, activities for children, adults, youth, British Week is for all Cubans" he said.

This event was first held on the island since 2012, to mark the 250th anniversary of the capture of Havana by the English. At that time it was first shown to the Cuban public óleoCapture of Havana by the English Squadron, from Dominic Serres.

Although the program includes book launches, photo exhibitions, and exhibition of audiovisual lectures, Rhys Patrick explained that the presence of music, theater and dance is very strong this year for two reasons, "because Britain is very strong in music, everyone knows Amy Winehouse or the Beatles, and also because the Cubans are very interested in music and dance."

"What really marks this week as opposed to the others is the extraordinary participation of groups and Cuban artists. We did not bring a plane or a ship full of British, British Week in Cuba is for Cubans playing, exploring, showing our culture. From Alice in Wonderland to The Beatles, from Charles Darwin to Winston Churchill" he said.

Source: OnCuba

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