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  • 10 / 08 / 2014

Daryanne Lees Garcia, who was born in Puerto Rico but has Cuban parents, was crowned Miss Grand International 2014 in a ceremony held in Thailand with applicants from 85 countries.

Although she said to represent Cuba in the competition, the Puerto Rican press said that Lees had participated in Miss World Puerto Rico 2007 and Miss Puerto Rico Model 2006.

The winner received the crown of also Puerto Rican Janelee Marcus Chaparro, Grand Miss International 2013. The contest took place in Huamark Stadium in the Thai capital and it was broadcast on television and widely followed on social networking.

Lees, 27, measures 1.71 meters, studied economics and works at a hotel Hillton. His hobbies are playing the piano and dancing, and his dream, she has said, is to help resolve the conflicts in the world in a peaceful way.

"I proudly represent Cuba, its culture and traditions, where Cubans persevere no matter the difficulties. We share our daily struggle through culture, whether dance, poetry or music," she said.

The Cambodian Tim Sreyneat won Miss Popular Vote, Japanese Mieko Takeuchi as Miss Social Network, the Indonesian Margenie Winarti as Miss Evening Gown and the Vietnamese Cao Linh was crowned Miss Traditional Costume.

Source: Diario de Cuba

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