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The journalist and diplomatic Sonia Franco Cervera abandoned its mission as Consul of the Cuban embassy in Germany and is located in Miami after seeking political asylum to American authorities.

Franco, came to the United States last July, accompanied by her son Samuel, three, after traveling from Berlin to Mexico to move to the border and seek protection under the Cuban Adjustment Act (CAA).

Apparently, Franco's decision was determined by the surprise trip and subsequent arrest in Havana of her husband, Daciel Alfonso Guzman, who served as second chief of the Cuban diplomatic mission in Germany.

"Not much is known of what happened, but it is confirmed that Daciel [Alfonso] was called to a meeting at the Foreign Ministry [Ministry of Foreign Affairs] in Havana and suspected something strange was going on," from Berlin a source related to the case. "And they took the decision that she left with the child to the United States."

Source: Cafe Fuerte

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