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  • Submitted by: Luis Manuel Mazorra
  • 10 / 07 / 2014

Over a month ago, the Cuban pitcher Hector Manuel Ripoll Mendoza flew to Japan after signing a contract with the Yomiuri Giants; also came his head coach in Cuba, Carlos Soto Soto, who will work with the technicals of the aforementioned team.

Notable physic conditions of Mendoza immediately aroused the interest of the Japanese franchise, now it is the time for the young boy from Isla de la Juventud to prove himself. "The level is very high, all players are well prepared and know what they have to do at all times, as the tactical technical thinking and concentrating here are a priority in the preparation," said Mendoza.

The strict discipline, rigorous schedule and long hours of training are some of the changes he must adapt to, but the deal has been really good "they are great people and all the time try to make me feel good, this has positively influenced my preparation" he said.

"The thinking on the box, trust in my pitches and concentration, I have seen improvement in all aspects, but still need to keep working on something as important as controlling and incorporating 4 straight seams to increase my speed; I feel that every day will be getting better and that drives me to follow best pitcher still hope to return to help “Los Piratas de la Isla” in everything I can " concluded Mendoza.

Source: OnCuba

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