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The economic and commercial ties between Cuba and Angola have been narrowing in recent times. This follows from the frequent visits of officials and of President José Eduardo Dos Santos last June. Also signed cooperation documents and the growing presence of Cubans in Angola are evidence of that.

Currently there are working in the African country 4602 Cuban collaborators, mostly in education and health, since they are 1400 teachers and 1800 doctors in 70 municipalities. The vector program launched with Cuban assistance has reduced more than half the deaths from malaria.

Meanwhile, Angola operations in Cuba are noted, especially with Angolan Airlines (TAAG), the only company with direct flights between the island and Africa; and oil company Sonangol, which has signed a contract for the exploration risk in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Cuba in the Gulf of Mexico. Tourism on the island also becomes investment potential receiving area.

Despite the economic development that is reaching the African country, the fourth or fifth largest producer of diamonds and the first oil producing country in Africa, this growth is heavily burdened by the legacy of colonialism and war.

As in the rest of the continent, low levels of human development and quality of life are almost chronic problems. This is where Cuba serves to help the social development of the country. Cuban experts have led the repair of roads, bridges, airports and water projects in several provinces.

The Angolans literate in the framework of cooperation are more than 700,000 to date, and in a few months are expected to reach one million. 779 thousand young people of this country are enrolled in college studies in the island. Angola, South Africa and Chad are the African nations that have sent more students this course to the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM).

Source: OnCuba

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