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The first forays into male scents of Labiofam laboratories gave rise to Ernesto and Hugo brands. This triggered the media campaign to which Jose Antonio Fraga Castro, president of the company, had to intervene and apologize to the families of Hugo Chavez and Ernesto Che Guevara by the episode. 

Mario Valdés Rodríguez, researcher of Labiofam proposed the names Ernesto and Hugo "motivated by his revolutionary sentiments," however, after the current events, has acknowledged his mistake of having stated that the names of the perfumes were consulted with the families of two leaders.

"We express our sincere apologies about it," writes Fraga Castro, and promises that Labiofam ever use a symbol of the history for superficial, commercial and profit purposes.

The Cuban government reported that the use of names Ernesto and Hugo is forbidden to market perfumes, further disciplinary action to be taken Labiofam responsible.

Source: Diario de Cuba

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