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In commemoration of the centennial of the birth of Cuban poet Gaston Baquero, Madrid Verbum Publishing and Literary Society and Humanistic Studies of Salamanca have released the call to VI International Poetry Prize of the same name featured writer.

The rules of the contest include: Spanish and Latin American authors who own unpublished works written in Castilian and have not been awarded in other events. May submit books, with free and formal thematic, having a length ranging between 400 and 1000 verses or lines.

The prize is the book's publication in the editorial Verbum, delivering 25 copies of the published book, and a certificate. The deadline for entries is September 30, 2014 will be made public in Salamanca on 17 October. The award will be made in late December 2014 See bases.

The Premium Edition has the support of the Salamanca City of Culture and Knowledge Foundation, which organizes the XVII Ibero-American Meeting of Poets between October 15 and 16, also dedicated to Baquero.
Source: Diario de Cuba

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