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Between 1 and April 4 will have a new deal Cubacel Double Balance, this time we give you much more and always with the best price:

  • CUBACEL DOUBLE BALANCE: The cell in Cuba receives double balance. For example: If cell recharges receives € 16.30 40CUC.
  • 50 FREE SMS: To send to Cuba from our website. SMS do not expire, you can use them whenever you want.
  • 5% OF BALANCE TO CALL: So you can call for free using our new service to calling Cuba: For example: With a recharge € 20 get € 1 free balance, a € 30 you get € 1.50

The offer will be in effect between days 1 at 00.01 (in Cuba) until 4 April at 23:59 pm (in Cuba). Customers in Europe will have to wait at 6:00 am on the 11th to be eligible for the offer.

Recharge at the lowest price and with the best call quality in

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