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U.S. Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy and Republican Representative Jeff Flake today demanded that the U.S. government cease its commercial, economic and financial blockade against Cuba, imposed by the U.S.A. more than 50 years ago.

"U.S. citizens want a change in our policy toward Havana, and President Barack Obama should listen to the majority of citizens across the country who believe there is much to gain if we eliminate this Cold War relic," stated the lawmakers.

An opinion piece published in The Miami Herald newspaper shows both congressmen pointing out that a recent survey carried out by the Latin American Center of the Atlantic Council illustrates there is a strong contrast between the current U.S. attitude toward that topic and the archaic policy of Washington.

"The vast majority of U.S. citizens in every region of the country and different political parties support the normalization of relations with Cuba," they added.

They recall that the margin of support rises to 61 percent when asked about specific items, such as the elimination of the ban on U.S. citizens traveling to Cuba, the facilitation of business transactions and meetings with the Cuban government on bilateral issues such as fighting drug trafficking.

In the State of Florida, where the largest population of Cuban-Americans resides, the research found even more support towards the normalization of ties: 63 percent, while nationwide, 56 percent of those polled support a change of direction in the relations with the Caribbean island, adds the text.

Instead of isolating Cuba with these out-of-date policies, we are isolating ourselves, emphasizes the text signed by Leahy and Flake, who recalled the recent visit of allies of the United States to Havana, like the Presidents of Colombia and Mexico, to attend the Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States.

The US blockade has cost the Cuban people more than one 1.2 trillion USD and constitutes a violation of the Charter of United Nations and the norms of international law.

The international community has condemned the blockade and demanded its immediate lifting for 22 consecutive years at the United Nations General Assembly.

Source: Prensa Latina

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