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  • 01 / 29 / 2014

Ulises Estrada, a Cuban revolutionary who aided Ernesto Che Guevara's campaigns in Africa during the 1960s, has died, the official Cuban newspaper Granma said Tuesday. He was 79.

Estrada, who died Sunday, held important posts in the Cuban Interior Ministry over the years, performing "sensitive missions" related to Latin American guerrilla movements in the 1960s, Granma said.

He was the lover of the East German-born communist revolutionary known as Tania, nee Tamara Bunke, who was killed fighting alongside Guevara in Bolivia in 1967.

Estrada was close to the legendary Guevara, a leader of the Cuban revolution who left the island in the 1960s to foment revolutions in Africa and Latin America before his death in Bolivia in 1967.

Estrada "collaborated with commandante Ernesto Che Guerra in his internationalist cause in the Congo and the national liberation struggle in Guinea Bissau, alongside Amilcar Cabral," Granma said.

In 1975, Estrada was named to the number two position in the Communist Party's America Department, which managed relations with the region's leftist guerrilla movements.

He also served as Cuba's ambassador in Jamaica, Yemen, Algeria and Mauritania, and was a journalist for Granma and other Cuban media.

In recent years, he was the editor of the magazine Tricontinental.

Source: Global

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