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Cuba makes progresses in delivering idle lands in usufruct with the granting since 2008 of more than 1.580.000 hectares and the updating of the legislation referring to the issue, as part of the improvement of the economic model.

Within the bounds of this process, the Cuban legislation allowed to increase until 67.10 hectares (five acres) the area granted to individuals who were the owners and/or usufructuaries of land, had them in full production and complied with legal and contractual obligations.

As a requirement, the island also established that those lands should be linked to state farms with legal status, Basic Units of Cooperative Production (UBPC), and Agricultural Production Cooperatives (CPA).

The possibility to expand the areas to individuals, possessing land in property or usufruct linked to Credit Union Services (CCS), is excluded from that law.

As of such decrees, the country also allows the expansion of lands until 67.10 hectares to individuals linked to the CCS.


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