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Cuba looks forwards to reaching oil self-sufficiency in the long run, said the head of oil exploration of the state-owned Cubapetroleos  oil company, Rafael Tenreyro.

Addressing participants at the First Conference of Strategic Studies in Havana, Tenreyro said that Cuba has all the natural and organizational conditions to reach self-sufficiency in fuel consumption, while the country has proven its oil production potential, RHC reported.

The expert explained that oil drilling in Cuba usually is carried out in a horizontal direction, while some oil wells have been drilled at a distance of more than six kilometers.

The country also faces difficulties generated by the US economic blockade of Cuba, which makes it difficult to achieve  normal development of oil drilling activities.
He said that oil prices, currently at over one hundred dollars a barrel, could show a tendency to increase as drillings become more complicated and difficult.

Source: ACN

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