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With the opening in the eastern province of Guantánamo of a new factory for the production of bottled water, Cuba “could gain a place in the Caribbean basin market,” notes Trabajadores weekly.

The plant, with the latest Italian technology, began operations in recent days with the trade name Sierra Canasta.

The liquid will be sold in a plastic 600 ml bottles, at a similar price to Ciego Montero water (500 ml) , which is currently sold on the island in the hard currency CUC .

The plant’s initial goal is to produce some 144 thousand boxes of bottles a year, which would cover the entire hard currency market in the eastern region of Cuba.

However, specialists believe that the factory can produce 1,500 boxes a day, or well over 350,000 boxes per year, which would allow it to enter the Caribbean island market.

Source: Havana

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