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The National Statistics and Information Office (ONEI) reported today that 593,230 foreign visitors arrived to Cuba in January and February.

Main tourist emitting countries are Canada, Germany, France, Britain, Argentina, Italy, Russia, Mexico, Chile, Spain, Venezuela, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Peru, Finland, China and Colombia.

The top three emitting nations accumulated considerable figures in their contribution to the Cuban tourist industry, as in the case of Canada, with 146,937 visitors only in February, followed by Germany, with 11,333 and France, with 11,136.

Cuba boasts over 60,000 hotel rooms distributed in some 300 hotels countrywide, and the authorities are seeking a diversification of the offer without abandoning the sun and beach modality.

As part of the proposals, there is an increase in the holidays of nature, culture, quality of life, business and congress, among others.

Source: Prensa Latina

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