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Popular Cuban singer song-writer Silvio Rodriguez, regarded as one the leftwing references in Latin American music, wrote "Hasta siempre, Comandante" in his Twitter account to say goodbye to President Hugo Chavez.

After learning about the death of the Venezuelan leader, the composer of emblematic songs as "Ojala," "La Era" and "El Necio" posted images of moments of one of his concerts, in which he appears besides Chavez, in his personal page Segunda Cita.

Other famous international artists, followers of the work and ideas of the Venezuelan president, as Rene Perez, Resident of Calle 13, Oliver Stone and Sean Pen also expressed through the social networks they condolences for this terrible loss.

Venezuelan musician, born in Argentina, Ricardo Montaner also expressed his sorrow: "My prayer to the family of Hugo Chavez and for All the people of Venezuela! PEACE!"

Months ago, the popular singer told the media he was praying for the president's health.

Source: Prensa Latina

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