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  • Submitted by: lena campos
  • 02 / 23 / 2013

Cuban filmmaker Gerardo Chijona presented his latest film "Esther en Alguna Parte" (Esther Somewhere) in a conference that gathered a lot of old friends.

Starting with 90-year-old actor Reinaldo Miravalles, all the movie stars directed by Chijona accumulate several decades of experience. But the meeting became a very youthful meeting.

From Cuban movie star Enrique Molina, who confessed he has never read Constantin Stanislavsky, the famous acting instructor and critic, up to Daysi Granados, who said she would have acted at ChijonaÂ?s orders, even as an extra, many Cuban actors and actresses came to the meeting.

Miravalles highlighted the quality of the script, full of Cuban features, his dialogues and characters. And so did Molina and the rest.

The specialized press enjoyed the projection of this comedy, inspired in the novel written by Eliseo Alberto Diego (1951-2011).

The film director was happy to have counted on a very good cast of actors and the music of Cuban piano player and composer Jose Maria Vitier

Fuente: Prensa Latina

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