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Cuban specialists expect to increase the production of biodiesel from the Jatropha curcas plant, an initiative that is moving forward without competing with food produced for humans and animals. "This concerns the use of non-edible oil plants for humans or animals in the production of energy," researcher Jesus Suarez said on a morning television news program.

According to Suarez, "it was decided that they are not monoculture plantations - as traditional - but associated with food crops, in order to produce integrated energy and food."

At present, a factory for processing Jatropha curcas is operating in the eastern Guantanamo province, while another one is in the testing phase at Cabaiguan, in the central territory of Sancti Spiritus.

According to national television, the objective is to raise three other biodiesel facilities in many other parts of Cuba.

In July, during a Parliament session, legislators of the Committee on Energy and Environment defended the initiative, considering it cleaner.

The goal is to produce green fuel in line with the country's policy of not competing with food production, Hector Amigo, president of the Commission, told Prensa Latina.

Source: CubaSi

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