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More than 40,000 Cuban professionals working in about 65 countries in sectors like health and education, show what authorities call sharing the achievements of the island on the basis of universal social development.

According to the first deputy minister of Health, José Ángel Portal, Cuba's medical cooperation currently reaches more than 60 nations, where some 39,000 collaborators work.

According to official data, closed 2011, that foreign participation of doctors, nurses and specialists has saved 4.6 million lives, performed six million surgeries and treated 921 million patients.

Cuban support has enabled in diverse geographical condition to set health care networks and facilities such as hospitals, clinics, dental clinics, surgery and rehabilitation rooms, equipped with modern technology.

The Revolution, based on its proverbial internationalist vocation, and the premise of "not giving what is left but to share what we have," provides this medical cooperation, said this week Portal to the local media. Within it stand out cooperation in Haiti, where some 700 health professionals collaborate, and Venezuela, which has been developed with this help Barrio Adentro program in its different versions, which benefit millions.

Over two thousand Cubans are working in 23 nations as part of cooperation programs in education, recently told to Prensa Latina Miriam Egea, official of the Education Ministry.

So far, the Cuban literacy method "Yes I can" has taught to read and write some 5, 852, 000 people in various parts of the world, while just over one million people are now receiving classes in this program, she reported.

Cuban Solidarity is distinguished because they share what they have, not what they have left, said Bolivian President Evo Morales.

The Haitian president Michel Martelly thanked late November during an official visit to Havana "cooperation, support and solidarity that we have always received" from Cuba, which has graduated more than 1,100 young Haitians.

Source: Prensa Latina

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