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Cuban hotel Sol Cayo Guillermo, from tourist destination Jardines del Rey, got the Intellichoix Award in the category of Tourism, Destination Caribbean, as published by website Wednesday.

The award is granted annually by a group called "The Families of Today" and its Intellichoix team, to the entities with the best offers for products and quality services for Canada.

To grant the award, the criteria of tourists regarding quality, accessibility, prices, innovating character, respect for the language, development of products based on the needs of Canadian families and the care to the environment, was taken into account

The Intellichoix team said the Sol Cayo Guillermo Hotel is one of the best places to travel with children, because of the comfort, security and entertainment.

The hotel has family rooms, adapted to the needs of small children and a well-structured recreation program.

According to the criterion of Canadian Julie Ouelleten at the website during her last visit to the Sol Cayo Guillermo Hotel she verified this installation fulfilled all her expectations.

"We came back home very surprised. It was an excellent family experience and the children wish to go back there and visit Playa Pilar, an excellent place with a beautiful landscape. The Cuban people has a very easy-to-get human contact," said the Canadian tourist's article.

Commercial specialist for the Sol Cayo Guillermo Hotel, Nelido Casay, told Prensa Latina that the hotel, a four-star, has 268 rooms in total.

The installation was founded on May 5, 1996, has a Baby Club, a mini-disco and other services dedicated to children, plus a very well-trained personnel in children's care.

The hotel has Canada, United Kingdom and Argentina as main markets.

Source: Prensa Latina

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