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The singer and model Alexandra Joner, of Cuban origin, was selected as "the sexiest woman in Norway", according to a survey by the local magazine Mann.

Joner, 22, jumped into the ring when he was bitten by Cuban consul in Havana in Oslo, after participating in a demonstration against the regime.

The artist has enjoyed great local success with songs like Sunrise and Come Inside Me, but has also received attention for her sexy image and her daring dresses, as quoted by the Norwegian press.

"I was born and raised in Norway, but I'm half black. Cuba, naturally sexual play with as it is a part of everyday life," said a Joner.

The title song 'Come Inside Me' has not gone unnoticed by critics. Joner admits he has had to endure some jokes about it.

In May 2010, the young Norwegian-Cuban had to follow a course of antibiotics, because the bite of Cuba's consul in Oslo.

During a demonstration at the Cuban embassy to demand the democratization of the island, the consul attacked Joner for filming the events.

"He stood in front of me. I said nothing. But she started insulting me in Spanish. I took pictures and asked him not to," said the chain Joner-Nyhetskanalen TV2. "I put my hand in front of the camera and then bit me," he said then the artist.

Source: El Nuevo Herald

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