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  • Submitted by: lena campos
  • 11 / 28 / 2012

Cuban dissident Antonio Gonzalez Rodiles was released without charges after remaining in detention for 19 days at a Havana police station, he told Efe.

"They let me go, there are no charges against me and they fined me 800 pesos ($32)," he said by telephone from his home in the capital.

The arrest of Gonzalez Rodiles, a 40-year-old physicist, occurred Nov. 7 when the activist went to a police station to inquire about the detention of attorney Yaremis Flores, the legal counsel for an opposition group.

At first Gonzalez Rodiles was accused of the crime of resisting authority, but a week after his detention prosecutors changed his status to preventive detention.

Before leaving the police station late Monday, he said, a State Security official "showed me a document warning me about public disturbances, but I said that everything in it was false and I refused to sign it."

"I'm free and we'll continue with the work we're doing, but this experience shows me clearly that in Cuba there are two bands - one of people who believe in dialogue and another bent on repression," he said.

Gonzalez Rodiles heads the State of SATS project that promotes the exchange of ideas and public debate on the island's realities


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