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Cuba presented today in front of a large group of Indian entrepreneurs its trade and investment opportunities, and promoted the image as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the Caribbean.

 Amid the dynamic campaign taking place in this regard, the Cuban embassy and the Federation of Indian Export Organizations organized in this capital an interactive forum that highlighted the the island's benefits in these areas.

 The head of the Cuba delegation, Abelardo Cueto, stressed that the strong and historical political relations between both nations pave the way to also establish firmer trade and cooperation ties, especially since there is still a huge potential in reserve.

 He said these purposes also contribute to his country's legislation regarding trade and foreign investment, as well as economic reforms that, without departing from socialism, the Cuban government has been doing.

 The ambassador stated that several Indian companies have benefited from trade with Cuba, and said that the strength of his economy, for being a country of future and a state of sovereign decision, India is one of the nations capable of challenging the of U.S. blockade on Cuba.
Source: Prensa Latina

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