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Cuba on Saturday wrapped up the 30th Havana International Trade Fair (Fihav 2012), the largest of its kind in the last decade, with about 3,587 foreign exhibitors from 67 countries taking part.

A number of intergovernmental and inter-institutional agreements were signed during the weeklong event, according to Vice President of Council of Ministers Ricardo Cabrisas

Cuban entrepreneurs also held talks with companies from Venezuela, Russia, Germany and the European Union, during the period, he added.

Over a dozen of Cuban companies and companies from Brazil, Russia, China, Venezuela and Spain were awarded at the close of the fair.

Products including rums Cubay from local company Cubaron, Mercedes Benz cars, and Tarapaca wine from Chile also received awards.

Cabrisas said this year's trade fair was held at a time when the Caribbean island nation is pursuing economic reform that would help boost foreign investment.

"The creation of the first Development Special Zone at the Mariel port (48 km west from the capital Havana) have opened new opportunities for the foreign investment," he said.

He also said Cuban authorities are providing more opportunities for foreign investors and joint ventures, so as to get more funds, modern technologies and a better positioning of its national products in the global market.

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