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  • Submitted by: lena campos
  • 11 / 09 / 2012

A United Nations flight with 40 tonnes of humanitarian aid for disaster victims in the eastern provinces of Cuba, arrived on Thursday in the international airport of Santiago de Cuba, one of the hardest hit territories by hurricane Sandy.

The shipment, which includes food, toiletries, kitchenware, school materials, tarpaulins, and water, was received at the Antonio Maceo airport by the Coordinator of the United Nations System in Cuba, Barbara Pesce-Monteiro.  

A second flight will arrive next Saturday, with another 40 tonnes of aid.                             
The UN official said this marked the beginning of a support program the world organization has closely coordinated with the
Cuban government, with the aim of rebuilding the provinces most affected by the storm.

According to the UN representative, countries like Colombia and Chile joined assistance efforts through various UN agencies.

Also Venezuela, Bolivia, Russia, Ecuador, Japan and Qatar, among others, have sent tens of tonnes of resources for victims of hurricane Sandy in eastern Cuba, where thousands were left homeless after their houses were razed to the ground by the strong winds of the storm.

Source: CubaSi

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