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  • Submitted by: lena campos
  • 10 / 08 / 2012

Popular songs, poems and stories about the Great Patriotic War are part of the work of Esperanza, Fe y Amor (Hope, Faith and Love) of the Russian theater group Et Cetera, visiting Cuba as part of the celebrations for its 20 years of existance.

  The musical performance, which will be on stage today and tomorrow at the capital's National Theatre, will feature the artistic direction of Alexander Kaliáguin, one of the most important artists of the theater and current Russian cinema.

In a press release, the interpreter of the award-winning film Pieza Inconclusa para Piano Mecánico, by Nikita Mikhalkov, said the play is a tribute to the bold and courageous warriors, and the glorious heroes who defended the country during the difficult days of the struggle against fascism.

He also told Prensa Latina that Cuba is a sacred concept for his generation for what it represents to their culture, and leaders for the Revolution for the world.

It is a place where we want to be, and certainly, there is no one indifferent to Cuba in Russia, because it is close and familiar to us, he said.

Kaliaguin also referred to the difficult situation facing the theater in the world, but added that the European nation in this art has an active and interesting life.

He said that from the 80 theaters in Moscow, 60 have state support, and are characterized by the diversity of styles and creative aspects.

Today, Russia has a strong theater movement which is reflected in the implementation of several festivals, including the summer theater school, which gathers in Moscow young artists from 30 countries, among which are those from the Community of Independent States.

Et Cetera Company was created in 1993 by Kaliaguin Theatre School in Moscow, and since then it stands out for its style, ways to experiment and propose new mounting solutions and ideas to address contemporary theater.

Source: Prensa Latina

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