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In an effort to encourage food production, the Cuban Association of Agriculture and Forestry Experts (ACTAF) are training farmers and cooperative members in the use of environment-friendly agricultural technologies.

ACTAF president Idalmis Nazco said ongoing courses and workshops prioritize those who leased lands in usufruct and need to improve agro-ecological abilities, including the use of bio-pesticides and fertilizers.

Also included in the program are farmers and workers involved in urban and sub-urban agriculture projects, forest and livestock cooperatives and state-owned farms.

Pest control, project management, watering systems and the diversification of livestock production are high on the agenda of the training initiative, which is sponsored by ACTAF in coordination with the National Small Famers Association.

Alfredo Acosta, a farmer in the western province of Artemisa, told the Cuban News Agency about the need for appropriate training to face the impact by climate change on agriculture.

The farmer said that ACTAF experts hold systematic meetings with local producers on the new agricultural technologies and methods.

Thousands of booklets and information bulletins are being printed annually by the organization to provide appropriate advice on different agricultural modalities, the farmer explained.

Source: Radio Cadena Agramonte

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