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The 2013 Havana Book Fair will be taking place in Havana from the 7th to the 17th of February. Authentic Cuba Travel announces their official Havana Book Fair Cuba Tour for travelers wishing to take part in the event.

 Cuban officials have just announced the dates for the 22nd International Book Fair. The 2013 Havana Book Fair will be taking place in Havana from the 7th to the 17th of February and will be called to Read Is to Grow. This year's event pays tribute to the 160th anniversary of the birth of famed author Jose Marti and is being dedicated to such award winning authors as Daniel Chavarria and Pedro Pablo Rodriguez. Authentic Cuba Travel is proud to announce the addition of their official Havana Book Fair Cuba Tour for travelers wishing to take part in this wonderful event.

About the Havana Book Fair
The Havana Book Fair was created as a space for lovers of cultural literature to be able to have an open dialogue about various aspects of their craft. Authors, publishers, and distributors from around the globe are always in attendance, as well as a large public of avid readers and book lovers. The fair is packed with hundreds of unique and exciting cultural activities, as well as a wide range of artistic programs that include plays, dance performances, contemporary cinematic showings, and visual arts exhibits. There will be symposiums, roundtable discussions, conferences, book readings and presentations, awards ceremonies, and a number of other professional, academic, and literary programs.

The Havana Book Fair isn't just for adults, however. Families will also find plenty of children's events and activities in the children's area of the fair. Here there are a number of activities designed not only to provide fun and entertainment, but to help encourage children and youth to enjoy and participate in literature and the arts.

Since its creation in 1982, the Havana Book Fair has been the most important event to happen in the Cuban publishing movement each year. As much a cultural event as a literary one, the fair works to showcase the many facets of life in Cuba and Latin America. Very few events in the world work so hard to bring together readers with individuals from every area of the publishing and writing world, and 2013 To Read Is to Grow will be no different.

The Tour
Booking a 2013 Havana Book Fair tour with Authentic Cuba Travel means more than just the ability to experience the area's best authors and cultural experiences. It means getting to see the best of Havana, Matanzas, Cienfuegos, and Trinidad from beautiful accommodations. Most accommodations include at least one meal, and the trip is packed with excitement while still allowing travelers time to slow down and explore when possible. The tour package includes the ability to explore numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Sugar Mill Valley, Trinidad, the Cienfuegos Historical Centre, and the Havana Historical Centre. Casa de Las America is also on the list of stops, and travelers will get the chance to view Havana's famed 9 O'clock cannon ceremony up close and personal.

Of course, this tour is aimed at those who want the ideal Havana Book Fair experience, and it certainly delivers. Visitors will have unlimited access to all of the fair activities, and they will experience some rare opportunities that are rarely extended to those outside of Cuba, especially visitors from the United States. The tour offers the chance to meet both international and Cuban authors and publishers, but it also offers visitors the chance to explore Cuba's remarkable libraries. Visitors will have the chance to exchange with the librarians at the famed Jose Marti National Library and will even enjoy a guided tour of the library facilities at the University of Havana. A guided tour of the world-famous Ediciones Vigia publishing house is also part of the tour, as well as the chance to visit the Literacy Museum and to learn about the island's unique literacy campaign.

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