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  • 07 / 16 / 2012

Cuban children theater company La Colmenita captivated the demanding Argentinian audience, who applauded and fully enjoyed every minute the performance of ''Cinderella according to the Beatles'' on Saturday.

Their successful debut corroborated what a few minutes before the performance at the Old Market Theater, Carlos Alberto Cremata, director of the company told Prensa Latina: "The high sensitivity of the Argentinians for the show makes them react like no one would do." I have stressed to my staff the importance of this debut in Argentina, a country that is the master of theater and entertainment in the continent, Cremata said, from whom performances here is like "going to the home of the top dance."

He noted that in the Havana venue, and in its 30 years of existence, La Colmenita had performed for audiences all over the world, but none had reacted with the sensitivity of the Argentinians, he said.

The Cuban children company, proclaimed by UNICEF as Goodwill Ambassador, will perform in the First Children's Musical Theater Festival organized by the Argentinian chapter of The Colmenita, a social non-profit project that conducts the tour operator Travel Bureau TIP.

Besides 'Cinderella according to the Beatles', which recreates the famous music group from Liverpool mixed with the traditional version of Cinderella, we will also play our major work, 'Y sin embargo se mueve' (And yet it moves), the director said.

This is a piece designed for teens and adults, with texts by Russian playwright Alexander Jmelnik and music by Silvio Rodriguez, and reflects the need of the human being to question everything and the right to dream freely.

The program of the First Children's Musical Theater Festival also includes 'Sí, pero ya no' (Yes, but no) and 'Juegos y canciones' (Games and Songs') by the Argentinian Colmenita, and from the classic children's literature 'La Cucarachita Martina' ( Martina Cockroach), played by 'beekeepers'(as they call the children actors and actresses) from Argentina and Cuba.

In addition, the group Vuelo en V -from the northern Argentinian province of Tucuman- will present Derechos torcidos (Crooked Rights), a memorable work by Hugo Midon, who is considered an indisputable leader of musical child comedy in this South American nation.

Source. Prensa Latina

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