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  • Submitted by: lena campos
  • 07 / 12 / 2012

Cuba has reached social and demographic indicators that compare to those in developed nations thanks to the implementation by the Cuban government of advanced social programs over the past 50 years.

The statement was given by the international coordinator in Cuba of the UN Population Fund, Jesus Robles, during a ceremony held Wednesday at Havana’s National Public Health School to mark World Population Day.

The UN official recalled that over the past 25 years, his agency has promoted the need to place demographic issues on the spotlight of discussions and analysis aiming at drawing strategies and policies in favor of sustainable development.

This year’s World Population Day celebrations focused on the universal access to what is known as Reproductive Health Services given the urgency for resources and actions that help achieve this objective for the wellbeing of women and young girls, as a crucial human right. Cuba has exposed the evidence that the limitations of developing economies do not necessarily pose an insurmountable obstacle to the progress of health, demographic change and wellbeing, said the UN official.

The director of the National Public Health School, Pastor Castell-Florit pointed out that human resources must become promoters of the inclusion and participation by the people in the development of reproductive health.

According to estimates, the world population reached 5 billion inhabitants on July 11, 1987. Two years later, the UN General Assembly established July 11  as World Population Day in an effort to raise awareness about the problems facing the world population and its relations to economic and social development.

Source: (ACN).

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