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The President of Italy´s Anthropos Foundation, Modesto Veccia described as something great the arrival in Havana, a “beautiful city made by beautiful people”, of an exhibition entitled: “Genius Leonardo da Vinci” which was donated to Office of the City Historian. 

The permanent exhibition will be inaugurated on Thursday at 5:00pm at the San Francisco de Assisi Plaza in Old Havana, World Heritage Site. 

Some 100 reproductions by Da Vinci –which constituted a hope for the multifaceted creator, whose work demonstrated his love for humanity-, will remain in Havana.  The Italian ambassador to the island, Marco Baccin said that this donation is a reflection of the high level cultural exchange that currently exists between both nations, reported the official daily Granma.

These events as well as the presence of Italian culture in the Book Fairs, Film Festivals, Cubadisco and the Havana Biennial extenuates the sadness
that we feel when we leave the island, said Baccin who thanked the Office of the Havana City Historian for supporting the idea from the start.

Veccia on his part explained that the Foundation’s objective is scientific promotion and that is why of the exhibitions stating that the Museum –term
used to point out that the exhibition remains scientific even though inside a Franciscan installation- will be very dynamic. The main pieces, he said, will be replaced by others in constant movement in harmony with the “moving” intellect of Da Vinci.

The Director of the Cultural Institution of the Convent of San Francisco de Assisi, Norma Jimenez said that the exhibition will allow the public and the children who see art in a different way to experience the magic of touching the machinery worked and thought out and dreamt by the author of the Mona Lisa, who reached out to the 21st century to witness realities and from the artistic point of view, his noble determination. (acn)

Fuente: Radio Cadena Agramonte

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