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  • 06 / 26 / 2012


With favorable balance of four hits and a tie, Cuba finished the five-game friendly series held in the city of Managua, Nicaragua, to the national team of that country.

 The victories of Roger Machado's pupils were obtained with markers 2-1, 9-0, 10-1 and 11-4, while the draw was signed to a career, which took effect on agreement between the two national not to proceed extrainning game.

En el estadio Dennis Martínez, los cubanos volvieron a desplegar este domingo una fuerte ofensiva, de 16 indiscutibles, entre los cuales sobresalió el cuadrangular de Alfredo Despaigne, propulsor de tres carreras. In stage Dennis Martinez, Cubans were to deploy a strong offensive on Sunday, 16 hits, among which stood out homer by Alfredo Despaigne, three-run drive.

For visitors, the hitters were Alexei Bell crash with three hits in four times, Erisbel Arruebarruena (4-3), Yulexis La Rosa (5-3) and Yordanis Samon (4-2), while on the Justo Rivas stressed hosts (4-2), Jilton Calderon (4-2) and Jorge Narvaez (2-1).

Also, the Indian pitcher Dalier Hinojosa was awarded the victory of the challenge, then I came to the aid of starter Vladimir Garcia in the bottom of the third inning, to hold for four chapters and a third offense the reaction of rivals.

Similarly, a gala evening were in junior pitchers yander Guevara and Danny Aguilera, who closed with a performance perfect eighth and ninth, respectively.

In the opposite path, Alis Sotelo took the loss, pitcher left the game in the roof of the second episode, after failing to get out and allowing four runs and as many hits and giving away two tickets.

In order to contain the strong toletería Cuban, Hodgson Davis mánayer paraded on the mound with six other pitchers, whose most notable work was awarded to Gerardo Centeno, who in one chapter and one third did not allow indisputable and annotations.

The competition program of the day began with the expected home run derby, which was crowned the local Dwight Britton, who won 3-2 in Cuban Yordanis Samon, who created a sensation in qualifying with 11 homers.

Nicaraguan troops for this cap served as preparation towards the elimination of the Third World Baseball Classic, which will host Panama in November, where, besides the premises will also be on the sets of Colombia and Brazil.

Meanwhile, Cubans return to Havana and join the group enlists in order to receive, from the fifth of July, a U.S. squad in Havana's stadium "Latin".

Source: Cadena Agramonte

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