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  • Submitted by: lena campos
  • 06 / 15 / 2012

Several people were injured, some seriously, in a traffic accident Wednesday in the mountainous municipality of Buey Arriba, part of the Sierra Maestra belonging to the southeastern Cuban province of Granma.

 The disaster occurred on the bridge of Caña Brava, located about 15 kilometers from the county seat, an ambulance that was traveling with several health specialists got fired.

 As a result of the incident were admitted to the provincial hospital Carlos Manuel de Céspedes in Bayamo, Loraine Sanchez and Alexis Cedeño Rivero Pompa, both in serious condition.

 Also received injuries Yasmina Garay Yero, Alena Rubinelsio Isac, Pompa Osmel Hernandez, Leticia Orozco Valdés, Yulia Nuñez Labrada, Ismel Gomez Romero and Alfredo Elias Zambrano.

 Authorities of the government and the provincial Public Health system, went immediately to the hospital.

 Interior Ministry experts are searching for details of the accident.

 Source: Radio

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