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Cuba hopes to achieve over the next eight years that 16.5 percent of the country''s energy generation comes from renewable sources, reported the media.

  Although in the present, the energy obtained in this way represents 3.8 percent of the energy produced in the country, it is planned an increase by using sugarcane and forestry biomass, solar, wind and hydraulic energy as main sources to make that leap.

A study published in Cubadebate website says that the nation has extraordinary potential in renewable sources, which would allow, in theory, to obtain two to three times more energy than needed.

According to the article, there is potential to grow by 10 percent in 2013 in the production of electricity from sugarcane biomass.

For this purpose it would be decisive the installation of bioelectric power stations in several sugar mills, which can produce power up to 290 days a year.

The north of the east zone has the highest wind potential, and in 2013 it will begin the construction of a wind farm of 50 MW, taking into account the experiences of the three experimental wind farms in operation.

The biogas produced from excrement of cattle and pigs, also increases its presence in the country, which currently operate 239 biodigesters with promising results and the immediate purpose of the annual installation of 300.

Also, according to the article, the power generation with forest biomass, mostly from marabou and sawdust resulting from wood-cutting, is a reality in a growing number of Cuban companies.

Source: Prensa Latina

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