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The new Cuban rum named Havanista faces the recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court against the spirited Havana Club, said on Wednesday French top managers linked to this trade dispute.

The General Director of the Havana Club International S.A. (HCI), Jerome Cottin-Bizzonne and his marketing manager Yves Schlaudeuhaufen, showed optimism in the legal dispute with Washington concerning the Cuban principal rum, Havana Club.

Havana authorities denounced the decision last May 14 the Supreme Court in Washington DC that it refused Cubaexport the possibility to defend their right to renew the registration of that rum in the United States.

Cottin-Bizzonne meant that to confront such trade discrimination emanating from the embargo against Cuba since the 60's of last century, his company created the brand Havanista, registered in that northern country since 2011.

He explained that it comes to defending the brand and the consumer rights of U.S. people, because in case of complete trade barriers against this country may sell Havanista there.

This rum has the same botlle, same quality and same way to communicate the values and culture of Havana. This does not mean abandoning the defense of Havana Club in high demand by many U.S people, stressed executives.

French managers stressed that their joint venture has the ability to satisfy the U.S. market for Cuban rum in the event of termination of economic barriers mentioned.

Source: Prensa Latina

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