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  • Submitted by: lena campos
  • 05 / 01 / 2012

Cuban officials reached out to U.S. exiles Saturday with a videoconference between Havana and Washington, promising a highly anticipated migratory reform, but cautioning that not all may not be satisfied by its scope.

More than 100 Cuban Americans and top Foreign Ministry officials discussed President Raul Castro's ongoing economic changes in the encounter, hosted by Vice Foreign Minister Dagoberto Rodriguez.

"There has been great advance in this process of normalizing relations" with the Cuban diaspora, Rodriguez said.

Amid the economic reforms and liberalized travel rules instituted by President Obama, Cuba has increasingly sought to communicate with segments of its large exile community.

Many exiles say they want nothing to do with government leaders in their homeland until Raul and Fidel Castro are out of power, but others are looking to play a role in the changes the island is undergoing.

A popular topic during Saturday's videoconference was a much anticipated reform of migratory rules that, among other things, require Cubans to apply for an exit visa.

Cuban Americans also questioned the officials about regulations that strip those who leave permanently of the right to own property back home.


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