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The battle is on and we want to hear your opinion about who has the best.The gauntlet’s been thrown.

It’s a battle between two cities and their Cuban culinary masters. Who threw down first is hard to discern, but one thing is clear: pride is on the line.

The shots started flying as the Tampa City Council explored the possibility of naming the Cuban the city’s official sandwich. As plans came together for Tampa to honor the sandwich, Miami fired back with a declaration that its version of the sandwich is the best.

“Tampa has some serious pedigree when it comes to Cuban history — but no culinary chops,” wrote The Miami Herald’s Fabiola Santiago just days before the council’s April 19 vote on a resolution to name its official sandwich.

The issue: Tampa’s use of salami in its Cuban. Santiago’s solution: “Pull it out of the sandwich with finesse, and only then can you safely call it a cubano.”

Following the council’s vote, the tongue-in-cheek tussle turned even more tumultuous.

The Miami New Times published a piece April 20 – just one day after the council’s decision – listing 10 reasons why “Tampa sucks.”

Insulting everything from Tampa’s cooking to its “fake culture,” the gloves came off in a big way.

Now, the battle goes beyond the city limits and into the very neighborhoods that make up the Greater Tampa Bay area. When Miami calls out Tampa, that hurts a little bit in Westchase, don't you think?

As the Miami New Times said, “This is war.”


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